Teach me how to write

Lulus@^_^003Everything needs a start. Now I wish myself to be an outstanding writer. Where to begin? That is my first question while in front of a computer to start my first work. You may have similar experiences that make you feel frustated. You don’t what to do with with time. And, sure one hour or two has gone with nothing at all. Where to start?

It is not easy to start any single writing when we are still new. We don’t know what to do. We think that there nothing in our heads. So many people face this kind of problems, lack of ideas to write. For myself, I used to grasp any word that comes across into my mind. I use the word and start writing. It works.

Oh215Only, making a long passage in one sitting is not my type. I like to post a short post–blitz of ideas. In my opinion, there will be plenty of time to review the writing. I am sure I can do it later. Not like any other writer who suggests to save the work in draft, I better post it directly. I will come back to the post later to review and edit as necessary. Like this one, I add this and that to this posting so that my readers will say a lot more with my job.

Blitz of ideas is typically a short posting. If I make it longer and longer, it will not match to the name. Everything simple and easy going is what I want in this blog. So far, this blog has no regular visitors. Of course, I must fight hard to catch the eyes of my readers. I just don’t want to waster my readers’ time just to read trivial things–worthless to read!

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