Blogging Ideas

#1. A blitz of start

What will you do first when you start your blog? I am sure there are online resources which may have a lot of ideas to share here. Here I will make a long list of blogging ideas:

  1. (Neil Patel penulisnya)
  2. (Belajar dari Wong Gresik)
  3. (4 column setting)

#2.  Enjoy musics in blogging at Lyrics.Com

Audio files are an important search in the web. is dedicated for music lovers to share their music links. To review this web, as we are prepared to build a bussines web, we see:

  4. ttp://

#3. Links Exchange from a friend, a facebooker

This is interesting. For many times, people try to get contacts with me through my chatting box. They are from somewhere away from my country–Indonesia. One thing for sure, they are my friends in the trendy social media, that is Facebook. Through a forum we can see what others are working on. A new culture I have just learned is how people work on something they call “Link Exchange”. They just want others willing to click their blogs which have been set up with adsense. By clicking their blogs, of course they will earn some money from Google.

I was really surprised with the Link Exchange culture among bloggers. For me it is a nonsense! What Google has done to many people in the world? That is my BIG question. As an example here are the links I have visited. They are good.


Google with its Adsense has changed they way people work and earn a living. Severals ads even say “Earn Big Money From Home”.  From this, I remember about one Javanese saying, “Let live a happy and joyful life in your youth time, get wealthy and powerful when you have grown up, and go to the paradise after the death.”

#4. To start blogging for money online


All my friends at school do not really know what I am dreaming of from my blogs. Most of them don’t understand why I start active blogging after I resigned from the position as vice headmaster at the school. They just don’t care, actually. They often say: “To be a good teacher, everyone should try to flow just like water. Never do anything wrong. Obey the rule!” But, I am not going to break the rules for sure. I just want to express myself and show others that I can earn some money by blogging. I have started blogging since March 2008. I have a good spirit in blogging.

There are many affiliate programs to take. And the reward is good. For example what I have below:


Earnings Example:

You click 5 ads per day = $50
5 referrals click 5 ads per day = $75
Your daily earnings = $125
Your weekly earnings = $875
Your monthly earnings = $3750

The above example is based only on 5 referrals and 5 daily emails. Some days you will have more emails to read, some days you will have less. What if you had more referrals? What if there were more ads available?


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