Reading Ideas

There are huge resources we can grasp from the internet if we are willing to click. I am collecting links of interesting reading resources. Look over my list:

  1. The Picture is unrelated suggest that the website is about pictures that DO NOT make sense!  “I love images that don’t make sense and YOU SHOULD TOO!  Can you even understand how awesome it is when you see a yeti serving in the armed forces?  Can you grasp the concept of someone creating SCIENCE in a field of daisies on a beautiful summer day?  I totally can, and that’s why I started Picture is Unrelated. Some people are pessimists, some are optimists, and others (like Yours Truly) are WTFists.  We strive to find the strange moments of human life captured in photographic form and showcase them on our site as a testament to the absurdity of life.  I love looking at strange, humorous, odd, and funny pictures that make absolutely no sense. I hope you will too…” Pizzaburger – Director of the Absurd and Picture is Unrelated
  2. Reading Directory at
  3. Wayang kulit of Indonesia. The idea to read anything related to sites discussing about wayang as one of the cultural heritage of Indonesia has come to my mind since December 2009. As an Indonesian myself, I think I need to read…. “The ancient Indonesian art of shadow play or “Wayang Kulit” is a unique combination of ritual, lesson, and entertainment. Lacy shadow images are projected on a taught linen screen with a coconut oil lamp or electric light. The Dalang, or shadow artist, manipulates carved leather figures between the lamp and the screen to bring the shadows to life.” (Wayang Kulit of Indonesia)
  4. I have got a clip just now (19, 02, 2011). It is about telling story about …..

Real stories can change your company. The best way to express story is through storytelling.

However, your stories must be true and they must be a central focus of your entire organization to work. As a storytelling coach and trainer since 1986, I have been using story long before it was the current buzzword of today. I know both the power and the illusion of story. One of those illusions is that story always works in every situation. It will not. Here are ten things storytelling will not do for your company.

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